About Us 

The Project

Flinders island is one of four communities chosen by the state Department of Health to participate in the project “Anticipatory Care: An action learning project in Tasmanian communities of place and culture”. Wanting to give it the Flinders Island touch we’ve opted for something catchy and gone with “Our Health Our Future” or if you’re a lover of abbreviations OHOF. 

Why Anticipatory Care?  

The Department of health continue to recognize the need to improve the health of Tasmanians not only to prevent chronic disease but if diagnosed then how to slow deterioration. The project aims to increase knowledge of what anticipatory care looks like in communities, understand what helps and hinders people from accessing healthcare and how we can work together to engage people in preventative and primary health activities.  

Who is involved?    

The project is a collaboration between the Flinders Island community, Department of Health, UTAS Institute for the Study of Social Change, The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre and the Sax Institute. Whilst I feel you will see some of these people around, you may have already met Susan or Flora, we’ve chosen local people to do the leg work, get out amongst our community and gain a better understanding of what anticipatory care looks like on the Furneaux Islands.  

Who We Are

Lead Organisation - FIAAI
Project Manager – Alison Oliver, FIAAI Health Service Manager
Project Support Officer – Fiona Turley, MPC Community Nurse
Consultant – Judy Clark
Advisory Group – reps from the MPC, FIAAI, GP Surgery, School, Council and Visiting Health Service Providers.

The project is expected to run for about a year and consists of 3 phases;

Phase 1 – mapping/data gathering
Phase 2 – reflection and planning
Phase 3 – act and observe.

Your Future Health Starts Here

“Anticipatory Care: An action learning project in Tasmanian communities of place and culture”.